LotsDogs is an international platform sharing (the latest, evidence based) information about dog welfare and behavior.

Stay tuned and keep coming back, because I will keep adding content and I'll be updating this website continuously.


Dog Welfare

I'm writing articles, sharing my latest insights on dog welfare. Keep coming back because my views may change over time and I will continuously update my articles.





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Dog behavior


I'm writing articles, sharing my latest insights on dog behavior. Keep coming back because my views may change over time and I will adjust my articles accordingly.




Hello, I'm Liselot Boersma



I am a dog welfare & behavior consultant based in the Netherlands. In 2017 I obtained a postgraduate degree in Companion Animal Behavior and Welfare (PgDip CABW) and since then I have been very active in the field as a welfare & behavior consultant, doing my best to improve the relationship(s) people have with their companion dog(s).

Feeling the need to never stop learing and to create more awareness for up to date knowledge on dog behavior and welfare, I set up this international platform.
For the Benelux (NL and BE) my Dutch website can be found here: www.HondenLot.nl

Based in the Netherlands, Westbeemster 

Email: info@HondenLot.nl

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Liselot Boersma


Dog Welfare & Behavior consultant



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