My journey


My Journey


I was always fascinated by animals, especially the relationship between dogs and humans. I was preparing to study veterinary medicine at age 18, when I unexpectedly got admitted (after sending in a demo and auditioning) to study songwriting and music business at a school called the rock academy, obtaining a bachelor degree in pop music when I was 22.

After working at a major and an independent record label for 7,5 years, my passion for learning more about dogs made me decide to quit my fulltime ‘Head of Promo’ job.

I started working part time at a music venue; investing all my spare time into following evidence-based education and gaining many years of practical experience in working with dogs and humans.

In 2017 I obtained a post graduate degree in Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare, studying welfare and behaviour of dogs, cats and horses.

I had already launched my Dutch platform, HondenLot and five years later I launched LotsDogs.

I eventually managed to grow my own part time business into a full time occupation.

I share my life with my best friend who I adopted in 2013 when she was 12 weeks old. She is a Greek rescue and her name is Sheriff.